- 10,000 ties (8 miles in total length)
- 1,200lbs (weighs more than a polar bear)
- Round AF

About the Piece

Affectionately known as “The Garg,” this one-of-a-kind installation has been over five years in the making by KC-based artist, Danny Loos. It involves over 8 miles of interwoven ties formed into a perfect 1,200-pound sphere. A chaotic, colorful, and striking art piece built entirely out of the most iconic form of apparel in US pop culture history.

Garg with Mini Garg

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What did people say about the artist when he initially set out to create the world's largest ball of ties?
A. They called him, "Crazy"

Q. So, what did they refer to him as when it was the size of a globe?
A. "Insane"

Q. What do they call him now that it's the size of a Ford Festiva?
A. "A genius"

Contact Us

The Garg would love to live in your gallery, lobby or home. Contact us below for more info.

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